What is good live shopping?

Yes, it is indeed a good question, a good live shopping can be many things, and the most important thing is that there is not just one formula for success. It's about finding out what works best for your customers. We naturally have a pretty good idea of what will work for your particular business, and we also have a string of good cases from our fantastic customers.

Hvad er god live shopping

Here are a few good live shopping examples from some of our customers

Impressive reach and good offers

The quick prejudice about live shopping is that it just are offers and competitions - but that is not the whole truth. 

Ecooking goes live regularly on their social media, and here it's no secret that good offers and competitions are part of it - but it's certainly not the whole story. Offers and competitions are a good means of success, but lasting success only occurs when it is combined with a unique product demonstration and, not least, knowledge.

The balance between aesthetics and authenticity

At a time when the completely unpolished and ultra-personal is gaining ground on TikTok in particular, it is a challenge to find the right balance between the aesthetics and the personal and authentic angle – this challenge EYDA has taken on when they regularly go live with founder Mette Lyngholm as host together with changing guests from their ambassador universe.

Here, the balance has been found between the personal and the presentation of high-quality products, precisely EYDA's products and brand in general.

Quality products at eye level

When Normal goes live on their social media, it is every time with a new theme and a new, engaging concept. With viewing times of more than 300,000 minutes and well over 250,000 comments, there's no doubt that viewers love when Normal comes up with their innovative take on traditional TV entertainment.

Gamification is in many ways the key word when 6,000+ viewers have to take part in various quizzes, solve challenging riddles or something else entirely – but the magic happens when the viewers can interact and participate in real time through the comment track.

Massive range and shop puller

When COOP Danmark goes live, it is every time on more than 150 channels simultaneously, representing more than 150 local stores' Facebook pages. This gives the grocery group the opportunity to demonstrate products, launch product ranges and remain top-of-mind – while achieving huge reach, impressive turnover and not least attracting a lot of viewers to their local stores.

COOP Danmark invites well-known faces such as TV chef Claus Holm with, which i.a. helps to create greater awareness and give the products a blue stamp.

When it all adds up to a higher unity

BAUHAUS has been on a major social commerce journey for quite some time, and here live shopping has quickly become a cornerstone of this project.

When the hardware store chain goes live on their Facebook every month, they see the good side of 2,000, while there are often more than 10,000 comments – in just 30 minutes. The viewers have welcomed the host duo from South Jutland, who are a prime example of a host constellation – the humorous René from South Jutland, who manages the entire interaction with the viewers and the expert Martin, who knows everything about the products.

Online programs for the mature audience

For more than 10 years, Anna Bogdanova has helped thousands of Danish women get in shape and strengthen their bodies through online programs - but it is only very recently that the programs have become available for sale on an open webshop, but it has certainly been worth the wait . When the webshop was to be launched in November 2022, it was with live shopping as a large part of it - both in terms of reaching potential buyers and inspiring, but also in terms of revenue. 

In just three months, the live content has been viewed for more than 100,000 minutes, and the total revenue quickly reached 7 figures.

Nurturing community and expertise

The beauty company Goodiebox, which sells subscription boxes with self-care and beauty products, regularly goes live in more than five markets, where the focus is on demonstrations of all products as well as lots of tips and tricks. Here, the one host Anne Louise gets the opportunity to show her enormous expertise and product knowledge, which time and again impresses the many viewers, and inspires them to buy a lot of products they didn't even know they needed.

Together with the co-host Nikolaj, she has created a live community where the viewers also help each other in the comment section.

The Danes love good entertainment

The Danish answer to Amazon with entrepreneur Jacob Risgaard at the helm – namely Coolshop – has for many years gone live on their Facebook, where it has always been about creating as much fun and trouble as possible. Now they have found the balance between the good entertainment, while at the same time they manage to sell LEGO for over a million kroner in just one hour.

Together with Let's Go Live, Coolshop now manages to create a live universe where experiments are made with engaging competitions and a wide range of graphic and intuitive overlays.

Education of the target group

The construction market chain STARK went live on their Facebook at the beginning of 2023, where the entire focal point was the new climate requirements for construction, which are of great importance to STARK's target group in particular - here the ambition was that you want to dress your B2B target group for the new climate requirements that could actually result in fines if they were not complied with, while at the same time they had the opportunity to ask a sea of relevant questions in real time. 

The title of the project was that it should not be another boring webinar, but instead be exciting and engaging, where quizzes could also be included along the way.

Part of the marketplace

The Copenhagen shopping center Field's – part of Steen & Strøm, will be Denmark's leading live shopping shopping center and is already well on its way. As something new, they offer their stores live shopping as part of their existing marketplace on an equal footing with store premises and other marketing.

After having tried live shopping on my own during corona, Let's Go Live was linked to the project, and since then there has been a significant boost in the statistics.

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