Ring light

DKK 1,899.00 excl. VAT


Are you going to try live shopping for the first time? Do you lack a ring light when you need to shoot content for your social media?

No matter what the purpose, this ring light is absolutely ideal. There is room for one phone in the included phone holder, which makes it perfect for broadcasting LIVE on Facebook or Instagram. You also get perfect light with 512 LEDs and 60 watts and a CRI of 95. In addition, the brightness can be regulated, as can the color temperature

If you are in doubt about how it should be set and how it is used - just watch the accompanying video guides, which will dress you up in an extremely professional manner.

Can also be advantageously used by beauty clinics, hairdressers, tattoo artists, etc.

  • NanLite Halo 18" Bi-Color LED Lighting
  • Light and robust stand
  • Smart phone holder
  • Easy to transport bag
  • Double-sided mirror and holder
  • Power supply
  • Can you only use a ring light to broadcast LIVE?

No. A ring light is not only used for LIVEs. More and more hairdressers, tattoo artists, nail shops also use it during their daily lives, but you cannot avoid the fact that a ring light is indispensable when broadcasting LIVE.