Paper sign holders

48 PCS.

DKK 149.00 excl. VAT


Are you also always fumbling with your paper signs so that they get crumpled and make a terrible noise? Then try our smart holders that can easily be attached to the hanger.

Our smart paper sign holders are made of steel and the lower part is painted black. They can hold your signs with the lower part, while the upper part can be attached to the hanger.

They help you keep track of your many items, and make sure that the papers don't get crumpled so quickly, and they also make sure that the microphone doesn't make an awful lot of noise, as the paper doesn't scratch to the same extent.

The sign holders come in packs of 12. and are sold as a starting point in bundles of 12×4 packages – i.e. 48 paper sign holders in total.

  • 4 packs of 12 pcs. paper sign holders
  • How to use the paper sign holders?

The ideal usage scenario for these sign holders is when you stand at a LIVE and sell some clothes, then you can easily put your ELISA paper signs in the sign holder and put it on.