LED light panels - 2 kits

DKK 2,599.00 excl. VAT


Chosen by Let's Go Live as the most simple and effective light for small and medium-sized businesses. Perfect for live shopping, so that your products really come into focus. It is also easily transportable.

Are you already well into live shopping and do you want to improve your video quality so that it is among the best? Or do you just want to start with the best possible lighting?

Whether the purpose is one or the other is not essential - these LED light panels from Nanlite are absolutely ideal for those of you who go live regularly and want an excellent lighting setup. With a size of 34.5 x 31 x 3.05 cm, the Lumipad 25 is a versatile Bi-Color soft LED Panel that is easy to take with you on the go and to use in situations where there is no room for larger panels.

The silent air cooling makes the panel suitable for sessions that are sensitive to sound, such as weddings or video conferences, and with a lumen of 2140, the panel provides enough light for most tasks.

Can be advantageously used in combination with ours customized ringlight or even for photoshoots or other content creation.

  • 2 x Lumipad 25 Bi-Color soft LED panels
  • 2 x light and robust stands
  • 2 x LED panel handle
  • 1x Easy transportable bag
  • 2x Power supplies
  • How to assemble the LED Light Panels?

1. The stand unfolds
2. The lamp is mounted on the stand
3. The power supply is assembled from the two parts, inserted into the lamp and hung on the stand
4. Insert the plug into the socket
5. Turn on the lamp at the back and adjust the knobs for brightness and warm/cold color