Competition watch

DKK 949.00 excl. VAT


When it comes to retaining your viewers, there are few things more effective than contests – and with the contest watch, viewers know when they're coming.

Keeping your viewers as long as possible is always a focus. The more they see, the more they are inspired - and the more they buy.

Competitions are always a good means of this, but viewers are usually only made aware of them when they are presented – with the competition watch you get a constant means of retention, which also increases interaction, curiosity and excitement.

The clock has a built-in control panel and three functions: up/down timer (max. 99 minutes), interval timer with stop/go function and alarm, 12/24 hour clock and power supply via supplied power plug

Size (W x H x D): 327 x 156 x 93mm.

Requires fixed power (cord included)

  • How is the competition clock operated?

On top of the competition watch is the control panel, from which you control all the watch's functions (see description).