10x Confetti tubes - 1m

DKK 349.00 excl. VAT


It's rare that you can't find at least one reason to set off a confetti pipe - and festive live shopping is definitely not one of them either.

Our confetti tubes are not just 40 cm or 60 cm – but a full 100 cm. 

The confetti tubes are made of cardboard, metal and plastic. Inside the tube you'll find a sea of shiny gold foil strips that are activated by internal air pressure.

They are ideal if you need to present a large giveaway, announce the winner of a competition or simply mark a special event.

  • 10x festive confetti tubes of 1m
  • Shoots confetti up to 7m away
  • How are the confetti tubes used?

Our confetti tubes are easy to use and just require you to hold the tube tightly and turn the lower part of the tube counter-clockwise. This is also illustrated on the confetti tube.

  • Can they be used by children?

Confetti tubes can be used by anyone, but children should be supervised when using confetti tubes.