Gimbal - Smooth Q4

DKK 949.00 excl. VAT


If you live stream, record videos or take pictures, you can benefit greatly from a gimbal. A gimbal stabilizes your recordings so that they become incredibly calm and beautiful to look at.

It doesn't matter whether you make videos and take pictures in portrait or wide format. The gimbal can handle both. So don't let yourself be limited.

With a battery life of up to 15 hours, you can take the gimbal with you on the go without having to worry.

The smart gimbal can be folded and thus takes up almost nothing when not in use

  • Gimbal with intuitive operation for stabilizing your phone
  • Built-in selfie stick
  • Includes tripod foot for placement on tables and other supports
  • USB cable for charging

Which phones can be used with the gimbal?

  • 99% of all phones can be used with it. Even the large iPhone 14 Pro Max can be used with our gimbal.
    So we're sure yours can too.